Dogtran, has specialist knowledge and experience converting vehicles for the transit of animals, including dog van conversions.

We complete one-off dog van conversions for pet owners, dog groomers and sporting enthusiasts, and also undertake complete vehicle fleet conversions for government organisations and charities who regularly transport animals.

We have more than 20 years of experience designing, constructing and fitting dog van conversions for commercial vehicles and cars (typically pickups) for the transport of animals.  We have a reputation for ensuring that quality and reliability are built in from the start of every vehicle we convert for the safe and comfort transit of animals.

Our dog (animal) van conversions are not limited to certain vehicle types, we can design and convert a van of any make or model, and can advise on the best vehicle for the job.

We have designed and converted animal transit vans for pet owners, gundog trainers & handlers, security companies, dog walkers, pet couriers, veterinary practices and re-homing centres. We have expert knowledge in the legislation regarding the safe transportation of animals and in particular working dogs.

Our priority is to ensure the safety and comfort of your animals during transit therefore all vehicles are fitted with emergency escape hatches where in the event of an accident dogs have access through internal escape hatches.

Dog van conversions are customised to the requirements of the client and the animal(s) they are transporting, however, vehicles for the transit of dogs typically include:

If you would like to discuss a one-off vehicle conversion or the conversion of a fleet of vehicles for the transportation of dogs please call 01952 680433 or email.